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Comparison of Hydrodynamic Models for the Electromagnetic Nonlocal Response of Nanoparticles

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Since deep nanoscale systems are increasingly studied, accurate macroscopic theories dealing with quantum mechanical effects are in high demand. Concerning the electromagnetic response of nanoplasmonic systems, several hydrodynamic models have been proposed, each introducing an additional boundary condition (ABC) to describe the behavior of the plasmonic electron cloud. Four hydrodynamic approaches with four different boundary conditionsare compared: the hard wall hydrodynamic model with the Sauter ABC, the curl-free hydrodynamic model with the Pekar ABC, the shear forceshydrodynamic model with the specular reflection ABC, and the quantumhydrodynamic model with the corresponding ABC. This is done byinvestigating near- and far-field features of a metallic nanosphere. It is shown that different hydrodynamic models may result in an entirely different prediction of the nanoparticle’s response. These models are validated by using other local and nonlocal response models and experimental results.
Journal: Advanced Theory and Simulations
Issue: 12
Volume: 1
Number of pages: 11
Publication year:2018