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Comparative immunogenicity and safety trial of 2 different schedules of single-visit intradermal rabies postexposure vaccination

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Background Effective and safe single-visit rabies vaccination for pre- and postexposure prophylaxis (PrEP and PEP) could substantially simplify rabies prevention and therefore increase compliance.

Methods In a comparative trial, 303 healthy adults received a primary vaccination that consisted of 2 intradermal (ID) doses of 0.1 mL of the purified chicken embryo cell vaccine (PCEV) during a single visit. One year later, participants were randomly assigned to receive either 4 or 2 ID PEP booster doses of 0.1 mL PCEV during a single visit. The primary endpoint for immunogenicity was the percentage of participants with an adequate antibody level (>0.5 IU/mL) 7 days after the booster doses. The safety endpoint was the proportion of participants who developed adverse events (AEs) following primary and/or booster vaccination.

Results All participants, except 1 (99.3%) in each study group, had a rabies antibody titer >0.5 IU/mL on day 7 following the booster schedules. Participants exposed to the 4-dose PEP schedule had a geometric mean titer of 20 IU/mL vs 14 IU/mL for the 2-dose PEP schedule (P = .0228). Local reactions at the injection site following PrEP and PEP were mild and transient and only seen in 14.9% and 49.6%-53% of the participants, respectively. No serious AEs were reported.

Conclusions In healthy adults, a 2-dose (2 x 0.1 mL) single-visit ID PEP schedule was as immunologically adequate and safe as a 4-dose (4 x 0.1 mL) single-visit PEP schedule 7 to 28 months following a 2-dose (2 x 0.1 mL) single-visit ID PREP.

Journal: Clinical Infectious Diseases
ISSN: 1058-4838
Issue: 5
Volume: 69
Pages: 797-804
Number of pages: 8
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Rabies, postexposure prophylaxis, pre-exposure prophylaxis, intradermal, single-visit, NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODY, BOOSTER VACCINATION, 4-SITE