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Carbohydrates in health and disease : a plantU+2019s perspective

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Plants are a very rich source of carbohydrates. In addition, plants also synthesize a whole range of proteins with one or more carbohydrate-binding domains (referred to as lectin domains). Both the carbohydrates and the lectins are located at the cell wall as well as in the cytoplasmic compartment, and thus can trigger interactions in diverse cell compartments. The dynamic interactions between lectins and carbohydrate structures are suggested to be involved in gene transcription, protein folding, protein transport, cell adhesion, signaling as well as defense responses. As such, a complex glycan-interactome is established inside plant cells, between cells and their surrounding matrix and even between organisms. Studying the biological roles of plant glycans will enable us to better understand the plantU+2019s development and physiology, and can contribute to applications in agriculture, e.g., the elaboration of plants with better performance in stress conditions.
Book: Glycome : the hidden code in biology
Pages: 201 - 216