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The allotment in figures

Book Contribution - Chapter

In the book "Land development stories" of Hasselt University, land development stories that try to initiate change are bundled together. Each story starts with an empty garden, an empty church or an abandoned car park and tells how residents, policymakers, designers and organisations together transform them into street greenhouses, recycling churches or district cooperatives. The special thing about these initiatives is that they have been developed and supported by the local residents. Ruimte Vlaanderen contributed to this publication. Ann Pisman, Isabelle Loris, Katleen Vermeiren, Karin Hah, Sophie De Mulder and Stijn Van Acker together wrote the chapter "The allotment in figures".
Book: Verkavelingsverhalen
Pages: 17 - 32
Number of pages: 15
Publication year:2016