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Advancing the Psychology of Entrepreneurship: A Review of the Psychological Literature and an Introduction

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2016 International Association of Applied Psychology. This article provides a narrative review of psychology of entrepreneurship research published in leading psychology journals, based on which we develop an organising framework for future psychological contributions to this field. Furthermore, we introduce the manuscripts collected in this special issue. Our review identified five research areas, broadly corresponding with basic psychological domains, namely personal differences; careers; health and well-being; cognition and behaviour; and leadership; as well as three cross-cutting themes: gender issues; genetic and biological foundations; and context. With the aim to stimulate integration across different approaches and disciplines, we propose a framework to understand how psychologists can offer innovative contributions to the multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship literature. This includes a focus on the entrepreneur embedded in and in interaction with his or her immediate and wider context; attention to different types of entrepreneurs; and a focus on dynamic within-person processes evolving over time.
Journal: Applied Psychology
ISSN: 0269-994X
Issue: 3
Volume: 65
Pages: 437 - 468
Number of pages: 32
Publication year:2016