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The actor-partner interdependence model for longitudinal dyadic data : an implementation in the SEM framework

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In dyadic research, the actor-partner interdependence model (APIM) is widely used to model the effect of a predictor measured across dyad members on one's own and one's partner outcome. When such dyadic data are measured repeatedly over time, both the non-independence within couples and the non-independence over time need to be accounted for. In this paper, we present a longitudinal extension of the APIM, the L-APIM, that allows for both stable and time-varying sources of non-independence. Its implementation is readily available in multilevel software, such as proc mixed in SAS, but is lacking in the structural equation modeling (SEM) framework. We tackle the computational challenges associated with its SEM-implementation and propose a user-friendly free application for the L-APIM, which can be found at . As an illustration, we explore the actor and partner effects of positive relationship feelings on next day's intimacy using 3-week diary data of 66 heterosexual couples.
ISSN: 1532-8007
Issue: 3
Volume: 26
Pages: 329 - 347
Publication year:2019