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In vivo molecular ion channel imaging.

Voltage gated sodium channels (NaVs) are integrally involved in the electric signalling of neurons and cardiac myocytes. Until recently, non-invasive molecular imaging technology was not available for NaVs, leading to large gaps of knowledge concerning their in vivo dynamics related to disease and interaction with drugs. With the first NaV-radiotracer for positron emission tomography in hand, this programme will pioneer the field of in vivo NaV-imaging and will address fundamental questions about their role in arrhythmia, pain and neurodegeneration. In concert, novel NaVimaging probes with distinct pharmacokinetics and subtype-selectivity will be developed in order to expand non-invasive NaV-imaging into a powerful platform technology with broad applicability in life sciences.  

Date:1 May 2018  →  Today
Keywords:organic chemistry, Molecular Imaging, Pain research
Disciplines:Medical imaging and therapy, Other chemical sciences, Chemical product design and formulation, Biomaterials engineering, Medicinal products