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Visible-light photoredox catalysis: synthesis of sulfonylated heterocycles via thiosulfonates.

Visible light photocatalysis is an emerging technique in organic synthesis for the development of a wide range of previously inaccessible transformations. In this proposal the photoredox-catalyzed synthesis of sulfonylated heterocycles is described, making use of visible light and based on thiosulfonates (RSO2SR). The proposed method does not utilize (super)stoichiometric oxidants, required for the introduction of the sulfonyl group under classical conditions, and allows recycling of the resulting thiol (RSH) waste. Classical routes towards these heterocycles often require harsh reaction conditions for the incorporation of the sulfone moiety, which compromise the greenness of the process. The proposed method will therefore contribute to the development of more sustainable protocols for the production of pharmaceutical and biologically relevant sulfur-containing heterocycles.
Date:1 Apr 2019 →  30 Mar 2020
Disciplines:Organic chemical synthesis, Photochemistry