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Validation of a movement analysis protocol using inertial measurement units

Within movement analysis, there is an urgent need for the measurement of human biomechanics, outside, in a trusted well known setting, not bound to a laboratory environment. IMUs offer an accurate, unobtrusive solution for prolonged monitoring suitable in rehabilitation and sports applications. This projects aims to estimate kinematic parameters of the lower quadrant (pelvis, hip, knee and ankle) for outside lab monitoring during prolonged execution of diverse human movements. Data gathered by IMUs will be used to calculate these parameters. The developed protocol must in the future, enable researchers to perform outside lab kinematical analysis in different patient groups for different applications such as on a sports field, in a hospital, at a patients home or at a rehabilitation center. This will result in kinematical evaluation of patients in more daily situations rather than in an artificial induced lab environment.

Date:1 Oct 2017  →  Today
Keywords:Biomechanics, Signal processing
Project type:PhD project