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Urban diplomacy: patterns, processes and implications

It is often argued that cities can act more democratically and pragmatically when compared to the national state and that that would make them more capable of dealing with certain major policy challenges, such as global warming, terrorism and migration. Large and medium-sized cities are therefore increasingly setting up partnerships. Well-known examples of such partnerships are C40, the Global Parliament of Mayors and Eurocities. The purpose of this research project is to examine how and why Belgian and Dutch cities are involved in this global urban cooperation: in which partnerships do they participate? How does decision-making take place within these organizations? How are those cities represented there? By means of a qualitative analysis of policy documents, reports and interviews, we try to gain a deeper insight into the role of Belgian and Dutch cities at the global urban level.
Date:19 Apr 2021  →  Today
Keywords:urban cooperation, urban networks, city networks
Disciplines:Local and urban politics
Project type:PhD project