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TRACESpace: Multiphysics challenges in the Study of the Sun-Earth Connection

One of the greatest challenges in modern science is the study of processes where the evolution is not governed by a simple model but rather by many competing processes. We have a long expertise in addressing this challenge, especially in the domain of solar physics and space weather, with fundamental connections to laboratory and astrophysical plasmas. Processes such as particle acceleration, conversion of magnetic energy into energized flows, magnetic storms developing on the Sun and engulfing the Earth are examples of complex mechanisms where one needs to consider (magneto) hydrodynamical processes, collisions, emission processes from atoms, gravitational and electromagnetic forces, ranging from classical regimes all the way into relativistic and even quantum plasmas. The great complexity cannot be handled by a single model and needs the use of multi-scale models for intrinsically hierarchical physical processes. Our team will face this grand challenge by bringing together new developments in mathematics, high performance computing and the results of new space missions and laboratory experiments.
Date:1 Oct 2019 →  30 Sep 2023
Keywords:Multi-scale physics, Multiple-physics processes, Space exploration, Solar Physics
Disciplines:High energy astrophysics, astroparticle physics and cosmic rays