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Thorough training related to domestic violence, including sexual violence

With this project we want the knowledge and skills regarding the approach to domestic violence in general and sexual violence in particular increase in Belgian hospitals and improve. We do this based on the following sub-objectives to: a. Organizing a joint thorough training of five days for all participating hospitals where they are handed theoretical level, as a practical evidence-based handles to their approach to domestic violence in general and sexual violence, in particular to improve their own hospital. A big emphasis on exchange of experience and peer across language borders. b. develop a train the trainers module awareness about domestic violence and sexual violence. c. Assess the current approach to victims and perpetrators of sexual violence in the participating hospitals, the evaluation and formulation according to proper use guidelines.

Date:1 Jul 2014 →  30 Sep 2015
Keywords:sexual violence
Disciplines:Endocrinology and metabolic diseases, Nursing, Gynaecology and obstetrics