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Study of Perovskite Oxide and its Application on Video Holography

Barium titanate (BTO), being a ferroelectric material, showed large Pockels effect upon exerting electric field unto the material. In order to have large Pockels effect, the good crystallinity of the film must be obtained by carefully epitaxial growth on the silicon substrate. One of the main topics in this PhD study will be focusing on using MBE and PLD for good oxide epitaxial layer growth. The good crystallinity BTO film will be used in the video holography ERC program as the waveguide material. Upon applying electric field to the BTO film, the refractive index will thus be changed, resulting in the change of light path passing through the film. The electric field pattern will be exerted just like the digital-generated hologram, thus eventually project a hologram image by combining all the effect mentioned above.

Date:5 Oct 2018  →  Today
Keywords:Barium Titanate, video holography
Disciplines:Modelling, Multimedia processing
Project type:PhD project