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The state of the nation in Belgian cinema. A research project on contemporary cinema and (trans)national identities in Belgium.

In recent years, Belgian cinema has witnessed the revival of a Belgian identity in films and in their surrounding discourses. Still, most Belgian films seem to remain predominantly associated with either the Flemish or the French Community. At the same time, while growing cultural diversity is transforming national identities in Belgian cinema, transnational and cosmopolitan identities are challenging the very notion of national identity. This research project aims at a critical investigation of the complex relationship between cinema and (trans)national identities in Belgium. The state of the nation in Belgian cinema is studied by means of quantitative and qualitative research methods, making use of digital tools and involving textual film analysis, industrial and policy analysis, and reception analysis. The project contributes to a better understanding of contemporary Belgian cinema, while also providing an original empirical contribution to the study of the relationship between media and (trans)national identities in Western Europe. BOF DOCPRO4 project.
Date:1 Oct 2019 →  30 Sep 2023
Disciplines:Media audience research, Media discourse reception, Fiction film