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Simultaneous NMR and physisorption for the characterization of metal-organic framework adsorbents

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a recent class of microporous materials consisting of metal ion nodes and organic linkers. MOFs are excellent adsorbents and have garnered much attention due to the ease with which their composition and structure can be tuned, both through direct synthesis and post-synthesis modification. While post-synthetic modification of MOFs is well established, little insight exists into the impact of the resulting structural and compositional heterogeneity on the adsorptive performance. Here, we propose an entirely novel tandem method for MOF characterization by combining physisorption by with simultaneous NMR relaxometry of adsorbed probe molecules. Since this approach will reveal new insights into host-guest interactions and adsorbate diffusion dynamics, it will be invaluable in the rational design of improved adsorbents.
Date:1 Nov 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Metal-organic Frameworks, Adsorption, NMR relaxometry, Structure/property characterization, Adsorbate dynamics
Disciplines:Synthesis of materials, Physical chemistry of materials, Spectroscopic methods, Instrumental methods