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Simulation of turbulent non-premixed combustion with CMC models in combination with LES techniques (3G007907)

Turbulent non-premixed flames with large scale instationarities, stemming from swirl, are simulated. This is primarily done in own wirtten programming code of the department. The flow is simulated with the LES technique (Large-Eddy Simulations), which is appropriate for such situations. A developed hybrid RANS/LES model is applied in order to reduce computing times (RANS: Reynolds-averaged Navier-STokes). Interaction between turbulence and combustion is accounted for through the CMC method (Conditional Moment Closure). Different flames are studied. A comparative study is performed with respect to the transported PDF technique (Probability Density Function).

Date:1 Jan 2007  →  30 Dec 2012
Keywords:turbulence, modelling, numerical simulations, combustion
Disciplines:Thermodynamics, Physics of gases, plasmas and electric discharges, Applied mathematics in specific fields, Classical physics