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Screen Production and Exhibition in Istanbul Under Urban Transformation.

This research aims to explore the relationship between new screen production and exhibition spaces and urban transformation in Istanbul. In the last two decades Istanbul, like many other metropolitan cities, witnessed a dramatic urban transformation. The reconstruction projects created new screen production sites by transforming post-industrial areas such as old ports and docks, abandoned factories into creative locales as well as new exhibition sites such as multiplexes, luxury city club movie theaters, hotel and museum screening halls which are adapted to the neoliberal urbanite consumption trends. This research will focus on both physical and representational spaces in the city and in audiovisual fiction to provide a comprehensive understanding on the relation between media production, consumption and urban studies. The overall research uses a multimethod approach, combining relevant approaches for each individual case study (e.g. content and visual analysis for cases on screen representation; media-ethnography and institutional discourse analysis for cases on production and exhibition spaces).
Date:10 Feb 2020 →  10 Aug 2020
Disciplines:Cultural geography, Media and communication theory, Cultural media, Fiction film, Television
Project type:Collaboration project