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Scalable and Secure Data Sharing (MOZAIK).

Internet connected devices are pervasive in today's world; from smart watches and implants, to thermostats and smart phones, to city-wide deployments of sensors. The wealth of information col-lected by these devices can be used to personalize services and applications, reduce bills and waste in the home, and reduce pollution and traffic congestion. However, there are also great risks. Devices being hacked, network traffic being intercepted, wireless networks tracking devices, breaches of sensitive, and personal, data from corporations and municipal databases, data misuse by contracted third-parties, and fines due to non-compliance are few of the many risks that can form a barrier to system deployment and make it difficult to reap the benefits of the IoT-enabled fu-ture. Moreover, the lack of trusted and secure platforms and privacy-aware analytics methods for secure sharing of personal data and proprietary/commercial/industrial data hampers the creation of a data market and data economy by limiting data sharing.MOZAIK aims to eliminate that barrier by reducing the above-mentioned risks end-to-end, from sensor nodes to the cloud where the data is aggregated, processed and may be stored. To achieve this aim of MOZAIM, we will research on and develop:- a software implementation of a secure and privacy-friendly distributed IoT-data collection and analytics system, considering the whole data cycle, from the generation up to the data sharing, filling important technology gaps through challenge-based and/or user-driven re-search and innovation efforts- an on-demand platform to support businesses and sectors to access expertise, knowledge, algorithms and tools on privacy and security enhancing technologies- a hybrid personal and non-personal data marketplace which ensures respect of prevailing legislation and allows data subjects and data owners to remain in control of their data and its subsequent use.
Date:1 Apr 2021  →  Today
Disciplines:System software and middleware, Distributed systems, Networking and communications, Smart cities, Computer communication networks, Telecommunication and remote sensing, Wireless communications
Project type:Collaboration project