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Roadmap to integrated aquaculture in flanders (AQUAVALUE)

Main research question/goal
AQUAVALUE aims to produce a roadmap for integrated aquaculture for Flanders, with optimal valorization of the expertise in Flanders. The ultimate aim of this roadmap exercise is to, in consultation with all relevant actors in Flanders, define a number of economically feasible pilot projects.

Research approach
The members of the Aquavalue consortium will initially  describe the state of the art of integrated aquaculture on Flemish/Belgian, European and global level, with a SWOT analysis and a quantitative strategic planning matrix for each form. These will form the basis for a number of promising scenarios. Each scenario will be subjected to a value chain and marketing potential analysis determined specifically for Flanders (for finished products, as well as for necessary technology, services and expertise). We quantify the innovation potential in terms of integrated aquaculture production for Flanders. Then we subject 2 to 4 pilot projects to a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate their economic viability.

According to the Marine Spatial Plan, mariculture is only allowed in offshore wind farms with additional condition that it must be nutrient neutral or -reductive. The result of this project will be an advice to the Government concerning 2 to 4 pilot projects for integrated mariculture that may be candidates for financial support through the European Fund for the EU's Maritime and Fisheries Policies - EMFF.
Date:1 Sep 2014 →  30 Sep 2015