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PRomoting Omics for the non-invasive Screening for Subclinical ARTerial Disease (PROSSART)

PROSSART focuses on asymptomatic individuals having stiff large arteries with altered central haemodynamics that increase the load on the heart and/or subclinical atherosclerotic alterations along the arterial tree. PROSSART is nested within FLEMENGHO, a family-based population study, and within uPROPHET, a cohort of over 350 heart transplant recipients. The project’s objective is to identify and validate novel urinary proteomic and circulating metabolomic biomarkers to screen for subclinical arterial disease long before irreversible cardiovascular complications occur. By combining proteomics, metabolomics and systems biology, PROSSART will highlight the potential of applying a precision medicine approach in the promotion of health by the timely prevention and management of arterial disease. PROSSART will thereby address the sustainability of health care in ageing populations in epidemiological transition by a strategic change from “curing” to “preventing” cardiovascular complications.

Date:1 Oct 2018 →  Today
Keywords:arterial disease