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ProCure : Defining the future of probiotics for upper respiratory tract diseases.

This project aims to explore probiotic microbial approaches that can efficiently reduce the incidence and symptoms of diseases of the upper respiratory tract (URT). Hereto, we will set up an enabling platform to (1) select innovative probiotic strains for this original human body niche of probiotic application, (2) develop innovative processes for the formulation, upscaling and application of these probiotic strains and (3) develop innovative services based on cellular, more complex polymicrobial model systems and microbiome analyses of the URT to monitor the impact of probiotics, food and pharmaceutical compounds on the microbiota of the URT.
Date:1 Jan 2016  →  31 Dec 2019
Disciplines:Microbiology, Systems biology, Laboratory medicine, Palliative care and end-of-life care, Regenerative medicine, Other basic sciences, Other clinical sciences, Other health sciences, Nursing, Other paramedical sciences, Other translational sciences, Other medical and health sciences
Project type:Collaboration project