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Playing process intensification with external energy forms

The PhD student working on 'Playing process intensification with alternative energy forms' investigates the potential of applying an immersion-based approach in the development of intensified chemical processes using external energy forms. Existing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models with their associated databases (e.g., COMSOL Multiphysics with Acoustic, Wave Optics, CRE and CFD modules) are studied and used as the chemical technology platform on which to build VR/AR environments. The focus is on ultrasound and light irradiation, with each having one case-study (ultrasound-assisted millifluidic crystallizer, organic synthesis in photocatalytic reactor). Where needed, databases are complemented with experimental results. The design and operation principles of the studied sono- and photo-reactors are translated into game concepts. A generic scenario and paper prototype for each case are developed.

Date:30 Jan 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Process intensification, Fluid dynamics, Game concept, Immersive environment
Project type:PhD project