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Oncocidia_the novel anticancer therapy: phase 0 clinical study.

Cancer residue, common after current therapies, remains a culprit for recurrence and patient death. To solve this problem, the group of Prof. Y. Ni at KU Leuven has developed a new dual targeting anticancer strategy, called Oncocidia. It is based on the subsequent injection of two compounds – a vascular disruptive agent and a radiolabeled necrosis-avid compound- which have a highly synergistic effect. The therapy has been extensively tested in preclinical settings on rodents and dogs with very promising results and is now ready for clinical trials. Since the safety profile of the first compound in humans is known, this project aims to conduct the first-in-human Phase 0 clinical trial of the second compound. We will conduct clinical dosimetry studies with radiolabeled 123I-hypericin using SPECT/CT imaging. If expectations are met, we can further develop the therapy and enter later stage clinical trials. 

Date:1 Jan 2013  →  31 Dec 2013
Keywords:Oncocidia, Anticancer therapy, Phase 0
Disciplines:Medical imaging and therapy, Other paramedical sciences