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A novel electrochemical microreactor for the synthesis of fine chemicals

Due to the advantages of small-scale flow reactors, such as better control over process conditions and intrinsic safety, there is an increased tendency to apply them to the continuous manufacturing of chemical products. These small-scale reactors also allow to intensify processes further by using alternative energy sources, such as ultrasound and electrochemistry. However, the industrial application of these small-scale flow reactors is significantly limited by their currently achieved throughput and productivity. In this project, we will overcome these productivity limitations by exploiting the synergistic effect of ultrasound on intensified electrochemical reactors. Hence, we will directly contribute to the electrification of the chemical industry promoting green and sustainable processes.
Date:1 Oct 2020 →  Today
Keywords:Acoustic streaming, Organic synthesis, Process intensification, Microreactors, Electrochemistry
Disciplines:Heat and mass transfer, General chemical and biochemical engineering not elsewhere classified