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Laser ionization based gas cell developments and laser spectroscopy in the region around 100Sn and the heavy Ac isotopes.

Recently it has been proved at the Leuven Isotope Separator On Line (LISOL) facility that laser spectroscopy inside a gas cell coupled to a mass separator provides a new way to obtain moments and charge radii of far unstable nuclei of chemical elements that are difficult to produce at standard ISOL facilities. This project aims to improve the methode in its efficiency, resolution and range of elements. Dr. Ferrer is an expert in simulating, designing and constructing ion guiding and manipulating systems. This is a crucial step in the connection of the gas cell and the separator. Furthermore, this experience in efficient and fast ion detection will allow to optimize the laser scanning procedures when using very weak stable and radioactive ion beams as well when making diagnostics measurements of the gas cell while looking at laser ion beam time profiles. Next to the R&D goals, the physics program will be focused on laser spectroscopy to deduce magnetic moments, spins and charge radii for neutron deficient Ag (down to 97Ag), Sn (down to 105Sn) and the single magic nucleus 215Ac. These data will be confronted with state of the art shell-model calculations and will serve as bench marks to modify and guide the development of new interactions used around 100Sn and along the N=126 neutron closed shell.
Date:1 Jul 2010 →  30 Jun 2011
Keywords:Laser spcetroscopy, Nuclei far from stability
Disciplines:Nuclear physics