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Impact of the use of corpora and CAT tools on translation quality and efficiency for translations of specialized texts

Within the broader context of European findings which reveal limited knowledge of the benefits of (specialized) corpora for translation processes this project aims to chart the current use of corpora in addition to more widely known tools for computer assisted translation (CAT) among professional translators in Flanders in the first phase. In the second phase these data will form the basis for a linguistic analysis into potential qualitative effects of the use of corpora and CAT tools on translated texts, including criteria for the general textual fit of translated texts in the target language and domain. The project focuses on specialized (scientific, medical, technical and legal) translations (English/Dutch).
Date:1 Oct 2015 →  30 Sep 2017
Keywords:translations, specialized texts, efficiency, translation quality, CAT tools, corpora
Disciplines:Theory and methodology of literary studies, Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies