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Identifying perceived attachment experiences in Iranian adolescents with suicidality: Modeling their attachment-based relationship with parents and suicidal behaviors

It is a mixed-method study. Regarding the first research aim, we conducted interviews with adolescents, probing for statements on the quality of parenting, attachment representation, and attachment behavior. The objective of the first phase of research is to identify major themes of perceived attachment experiences of Iranian adolescents with suicidal behaviors. More specifically, we intend to identify major themes of perceived attachment experiences of adolescents with suicidal behaviors and perceived attachment experiences that affect adolescent suicidal behaviors. We used thematic analysis to analyze the qualitative data of this phase. Regarding the second research aim, we will conduct a quantitative study to check whether the extracted themes in the first phase are fit for Iranian adolescents or not? In other words, we aim to investigate the validation of the proposed model in the first phase of research by the quantitative study using SEM

Date:3 Dec 2020 →  Today
Keywords:Attachment, Parenting, Suicide
Project type:PhD project