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How to use mHealth for chronic disease care during a COVID-19 pandemic?

SARS-CoV-2 may exist in the population world-wide for quite some time which is worrying for patients with a chronic condition since the disease can be associated with an increased risk of severe COVID-19. This project will focus on how Mobile Health Technologies (mHealth understood here as the technology that is not related to the classical face-to-face interaction between clinician and patient) can transform the treatment and support provided for diabetics and patients living with HIV/AIDS, especially in times of pandemics. The prevention of complications and compliance to treatment are among the main challenges in the management of chronic patients. The objective of this work would be, first, to identify how Mobile Health Technologies can be useful achieving that goal, and second, highlight the key features of a mobile technology that make it essential for chronic disease management. The project is embedded in the Institute for the Future (https://rega.kuleuven.be/if).

Date:1 Dec 2020 →  30 Jun 2021
Keywords:mHealth, chronic disease, HIV, Diabetes
Disciplines:Human health engineering, Endocrinology, Medical informatics
Project type:PhD project