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History of spirituality, devotion and mysticism.

This project studies the promotion and devotion of the hundreds of stigmatics reported in five European countries during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The majority of the work on these women (and a few men) who carried Christ's wounds, has focused primarily on the medical debates and religious treatises and examined the stigmatics in isolation. Such an approach leaves us with little to no information about the popular response to the stigmatics and it does not allow us to say anything about the exceptionality or unicity of a case. Instead, this project focuses on the popular perception of stigmatics and the media through which people ventilated their thoughts. This will enable us to see how 'religion as practised' and 'religion as prescribed' interacted.
Date:1 Oct 2015  →  Today
Disciplines:Theory and methodology of philosophy, Philosophy, Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified