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High-resolution slide scanner for digital histopathological phenotyping in health and disease.

Digital pathology involves high-speed, high-resolution digital acquisition of images representing entire stained tissue sections from glass slides and allows them to be viewed directly in much the same way as standard microscopy. While this creates a permanent record of histological slide data and facilitates data sharing with collaborators, importantly, it allows analysis, quantification and objective pathological assessment of entire tissue samples, which is now current practice in pre-clinical and clinical research. We propose to acquire a high-resolution whole-slide scanner, notably absent at UA, not only to facilitate research at the promotors' groups, but virtually any research group performing basic, pre-clinical or clinical research at UA involving histopathology. We firmly believe that acquisition of such a digital scanner will help research groups at UA to stay competitive in biomedical research, facilitate and forge scientific and industrial collaborations at UA and beyond, and generate important industrial revenues.
Date:1 Jan 2020  →  Today
Disciplines:Gastro-enterology, Anatomical pathology , Infectious diseases, Nuclear imaging, Neurological and neuromuscular diseases, Kidney diseases