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Health issues in developing countries.

This PhD will entail a variety of studies based on health issues and their patterns of occurrence in Africa. Starting off, urbanization and dietary patterns will be analyzed in Tanzania. Firstly, a detailed dataset will be used to ascertain food consumption at the micronutrient level and determine whether diets are healthier and more fulfilling in urban compared to rural areas. Secondly, urbanization will be broken down into various levels in order to determine the driving factors in the impact of urbanization on food consumption. Here, a theoretical model will be created in order to differentiate between size and composition effects. Moving on, my research will focus on the phenomenon that HIV prevalence amongst women is higher than men in Africa alone. These studies will then further be linked to female bargaining power and reproductive health issues.

Date:26 Sep 2016 →  26 Sep 2020
Keywords:Urbanization, Malnutrition, HIV
Project type:PhD project