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Geochemical evolution of the Nyiragongo volcano, DR Congo: A natural and experimental study

The project aims to: understand the magmatic processes and mechanisms of differentiation recorded in the Nyiragongo volcano (DR Congo) and the relationships between crystal, melt and bulk rock compositions. We will specifically investigate the distribution of crystal populations across a range of lava compositions to better understand how magmas formed, evolved and were transported to the surface. In a second part of the project, the geochemical evolution of the magmas will be investigated experimentally in a new laboratory being currently built at the KU Leuven. Results of the projects will contribute to better understand the mechanisms of crust formation and magmatic processes in the East African Rift .

Date:16 Oct 2018 →  Today
Keywords:Petrology, Volcanology, Nyiragongo, Magmatism, Alkaline, East-African rift, DR Congo
Project type:PhD project