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FleXray: Flexible X-ray imaging for the next generation of tomographic applications.

PC-CT reveals complementary information to traditional attenuation based X-ray imaging (i.e. higher contrast in soft tissue). The FleXray system will allow us to acquire data to fully explore a far wider range of applications and opportunities for PC-CT that are currently not possible:● Exploration of advanced CT acquisition models to enable reconstruction from (1) fewer projection images and (2) projection images acquired during continuous sample rotation. This will result in faster PC-CT imaging (currently up to 8 times longer than regular CT). ● Dark field tomography is only in its infancy but recently showed huge potential in material characterisation. The FleXray system will open new research lines on dark field tomography, in particular in accurate and precise estimation of localized scattering profiles.● Development of Krylov solvers with much faster convergence for simultaneous multimodal reconstruction of full 3D images of attenuation, phase and dark field signals.
Date:1 May 2018  →  30 Apr 2021
Disciplines:Multimedia processing, Biological system engineering, Signal processing