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Exploring the un(der)explored: direct quantitative imaging of the functional properties of the abdominal aorta with ultrasound

We will assess the feasibility of imaging techniques for the abdominal aorta providing quantitative information on aortic tissue properties using ultrasonic echography. Two methods, pulse wave imaging and supersonic shear wave imaging, will be explored. Using multiphysics simulations, we will address questions regarding both the imaging physics and the physical properties to be quantified. Simulation results will be validated in-vitro.

Date:1 Oct 2012 →  31 Oct 2016
Keywords:ultrasound, abdominal aorta, simulations, in-vitro
Disciplines:Biomechanics, Medical imaging and therapy, Biomechanical engineering, Medical biotechnology, Biological system engineering, Other paramedical sciences, Other (bio)medical engineering, Multimedia processing, Biomaterials engineering, Signal processing