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An exploratory study in function of the development of an unambiguous and qualitative structure of supervision on the work floor for every person with a distance to the labor market and tailored to the employer.

This project consists of the following components:

1) international exploratory research into the organization of counseling for people with different distances from the labor market,

2) regionally exploratory research into counseling for people who are at a great distance from the labor market,

3) comparative research into the added value of the framework for guidance in the workplace and the practices and needs of companies in the NEC,

4) regionally exploratory research into guidance needs, bottlenecks and possibilities of measures for people with a lower distance from the labor market and focused on the NEC,

5) concluding section for comprehensive policy advice with recommendations.

Date:4 Oct 2019  →  31 Dec 2020
Keywords:labor market, counseling
Disciplines:Labour and demographic economics