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Erwinia amylovora: study on proteomics and biofilm formation (R-2906)

Erwinia amylovora is a gram-negative, plantpathogenic enterobacterium. It is the causative agent of fire blight, a devastating necrotic disease affecting apple and pear. This bacterium is capable of killing an entire orchard within a single growing season leading to devastating economic losses. Current control mechanisms are insufficient and therefore new control mechanisms are highly needed. During this project, we want to investigate the different mechanisms which allow E. amylovora to enter the host and to start a successful infection. The bacterial cell will be divided and will be investigated on different levels by means of proteomics and there will be a comparison between strains with different virulence levels. Biofilm formation will also be incorporated in this project and will be investigated by means of specific quantification methods for biofilms.
Date:1 Jan 2011 →  31 Dec 2014
Keywords:Apples, biofilm, Erwinia amylovora, Proteomics
Disciplines:Biological sciences, Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences