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Drawing up a methodology with the aim of obtaining comparable employment statistics at the European and international institutions in the Brussels-capital region and the implementation of it

The aim of this research project is to draw up a methodological framework to produce statistics on employment at the European and international institutions, in such a way that these are similar to the existing official, administrative, Belgian employment statistics. Subsequently, the goal is to realize a pilot of bottom-up data collection and to create a database. To do this, the list of institutions has to be made up to date and completed. This also requires the development of an adequate methodology to avoid double counting as well as estimate the missing statistics. The available statistics for the Brussels Region tend to underestimate the employment rate and overestimate the unemployment rate by neglecting the international employment.

Date:1 Dec 2016  →  30 Jun 2017
Keywords:Employment statistics, international institution, employment rate, international employment, theme_labourmarket
Disciplines:Sociology of organisations and occupations