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Distributed Ledger Technologies between anonymity and publicity

This research project addresses legal issues arising from the alleged state of anonymity of several DLT implementations in the IoM landscape. Namely, it focuses on the impacts exerted by the tech schemes behind virtual currencies on the EU framework to prevent the misuse of the financial system, e.g. for money laundering and terrorist financing purposes. It analyses legal impacts of anonymity, e.g. for KYC purposes, and it aims to explore legal challenges posed in this realm by the double-edged nature of DLTs as both transparency and privacy oriented. On the one hand, it plans to identify effective legislative and regulatory measures to ensure crypto accountability from an AML/CFT standpoint, as well as to assess the relevant role of pseudonymity. On the other hand, it pursues to discover innovative legal approaches to secure AML/CFT active cooperation in the crypto ecosystem(s), to the end of mitigating anonymity and traceability concerns while respecting both the value of publicity and transparency in the law and the conceptual origin of the crypto economy.

Date:7 Nov 2019 →  Today
Keywords:DLT, blockchain, anonymity, transparency, publicity, cryptocurrency, AML
Disciplines:Other law and legal studies not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project