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Development of a kW range capacitive power transfer system

At the moment, the bidirectional inverter is a hot topic for charging/discharging static battery storage systems and EV battery packs. Unfortunately there are still plenty of issues with it, one of the most self-evident statements is: “We have a V2G but it never V2G’ed.”. In the long term, an EV with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging option probably has a greater potential than a battery energy storage system. Despite the fact that the main purpose of an EV is transport, it stands still for almost 90% of the time. During this time an EV acts like a static battery pack. This gives the opportunity to charge/discharge the battery pack whenever it is required. The main condition attached to this, of course, is that at the expected departure time, the car has sufficient capacity to reach a next destination. Numerous algorithms have already been published on this subject. In this PhD, the intention is to apply the existing algorithms in a self-designed inverter that meets the requirements of the industry. This PhD will consist of fully analyzing the bidirectional inverter and, in cooperation with a company, providing a new prototype with all the requirements of the industry. This will require a literature study during the first months to gain insights in the bidirectional inverter. During this study also a comparative market study will be done on the inverters that are already on the market. On the basis of the acquired knowledge, it is possible to develop a first prototype and load the first algorithms into it. During the development phase one or more partners will be searched to install a test setup. This PhD will be successful when a working prototype can be installed at the industrial partner(s) and these results provide insight into the possibilities for bi-directional inverters in the future.

Date:14 Jul 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Power electronics, Bidirectional inverter
Disciplines:Power electronics not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project