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Computational and experimental analysis of convective heat transfer coefficients at building surfaces

Knowledge of convective heat transfer at exterior building surfaces is important for analysis of heat waves, urban heat island effect, thermal stress, indoor overheating, building energy consumption, etc. The CHTC distribution across the facades of a building is very complex as it is influenced by a wide range of parameters. Because of the complexity involved in obtaining accurate CHTC information, a large number of empirical and semi-empirical correlations have been established. Many of these correlations are implemented in However, the accuracy and reliability of these correlations are of concern because there are based on invalid assumptions. This research project aims at developing new and accurate CHTC correlations for building surfaces. The important influence of different parameters such as The research is conducted using state-of-the-art experimental and numerical techniques.

Date:1 Oct 2015  →  1 Jan 2020
Keywords:building surfaces, experimental analysis, Computational, convective heat transfer coefficients
Disciplines:Building engineering