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COMPLEXURF: Laboratory of complex surfaces and interfaces.

Quoting Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Pauli: “God made the

bulk; surfaces were invented by the devil”. Surfaces and

interfaces are indeed prone to unpredictable physical and

chemical modifications due to interactions with

uncontrolled atmospheres, surface re-organization, and

contamination. High-impact research dealing with

interfaces can therefore only be achieved if surfaces can be

prepared, treated, and analyzed for both surface chemistry,

physical characteristics and topography aspects at the same

place. KU Leuven is very active in this field. This is

supported by a pool of state-of-the-art equipment which

contributes to improve our understanding of the atomistic

mechanisms controlling interfacial properties. However, we

still lack key tools to prepare, treat and characterize

surfaces of materials with various more complex shapes

(flat monoliths, fibers, particles) at a relatively large scale

(20x20cm²), rapidly, and accurately. This also forms the

missing link between fundamental studies and more

applied research for which scale effects, repeatability,

speed of measurements and versatility without

compromising accuracy, play an important role. This project

then aims at setting up a laboratory dedicated to the study

of complex surfaces and interfaces, supported by a group of

scientists and engineers offering complementary key

expertise that will contribute to acquire novel and holistic

views to unravel highly complex physico-chemical

interfacial phenomena.

Non-confidential summary in layman's terms

Applicant: David Seveno | Application number:


Date:1 May 2020  →  Today
Keywords:complex surfaces, complex interfaces, surface chemistry
Disciplines:Surface and interface chemistry, Physical chemistry not elsewhere classified