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Climate resilient and environmentally sustainable transport infrastructure, with a focus on inland waterways (CRISTAL).

It is the key objective of the project CRISTAL (36 months) to increase the share of freight transport on inland water transport (IWT) by a minimum of 20% and to demonstrate on its three pilot sites (Italy, Poland and France) strategies to improve reliability by 80%. CRISTAL project will assure IWT capacity at 50% even during extreme weather events. Towards that CRISTAL will co-create, test and implement integrated, cooperative and innovative solutions in its three pilot partners' areas identified in Italy, France and Poland. The project will include the aspects of technological innovation/development and digitalization; further advancement towards the Physical Internet, governance solution and business models, will be proposed while targeting sustainability and infrastructure resilience requirements.
Date:1 Sep 2022 →  Today
Disciplines:Transport economics
Project type:Collaboration project