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Characterisation of genes involved in phenylpropanoid and lignin biosynthesis: improving cell wall composition for the biorefinery (01SC5115)

This research project aims at pathway discovery in the phenylpropanoid metabolism of dicots, more specifically in Arabidopsis. This project aims at screening mutants of candidate genes via phenolic profiling and cell wall characterisation, followed by detailed characterisation of the hits.

Date:16 Feb 2015  →  31 Oct 2019
Keywords:pathway discovery, lignin, Arabidopsis
Disciplines:Horticultural production, Process engineering, Medical biochemistry and metabolism, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering, Industrial biotechnology, Plant genetics, Analytical chemistry, Polymeric materials, Biomaterials engineering, Biochemistry and metabolism, Other social sciences, Plant biology, Biological system engineering, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering not elsewhere classified, Agricultural plant production, Environmental engineering and biotechnology, Metabolomics, Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance, Other (bio)medical engineering, Physical chemistry, Plant cell and molecular biology, Plant biochemistry, General biology, Biomechanical engineering