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The aim of the UHasselt section of the HESBANA-project is to study the impact of fertilisation, irrigation and verticulation on the photosynthetic process of different crops (strawberries, apple and pear). De physiological response of the plant on these abiotic stresses will be evaluated using several non-invasive techniques: in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence, including the fast fluorescence induction kinetics, quenching analyses and fluorescence imaging combined with gas-exchange measurements. The measurements will deliver information on the energy fluxes operating in the photosynthetic electron transport and through the Calvin-Benson cycle. The fluorescence imaging will image the heterogeneity of the photochemical efficiency within the leaves. This section will support remote sensing analyses performed by the other partners of the HESBANIA-project.
Date:1 Feb 2017 →  30 Jun 2019
Disciplines:General biology, Plant biology, Agricultural plant production, Horticultural production