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Alamire Digital Lab (ADL)

In accordance with its mission to undertake and co-ordinate the study of the musical past of the Low Countries, the Alamire Foundation has undertaken a large-scale digitisation program. This project involves the development of the Alamire Digital Lab (ADL) and the construction of the Integrated Database for Early Music (IDEM). The ADL is a high-technology centre equipped with state-of-the-art material allowing manuscript and printed musical sources to be photographed following the strictest standards and quality requirements. The resulting digital images will be integrated into IDEM and form the core of this multifaceted database conceived as an online, freely accessible platform for the preservation, study and valorisation of music heritage sources. This tool will be further developed within a collaboration project between the KU Leuven Musicology Research Unit / Alamire Foundation, ESAT (Department of Electrical Engineering) and LIBIS (University Library). It will be applied within the fields of academic research, music performance, education and cultural heritage, at university, Flemish and international level.
Date:19 May 2014  →  18 Nov 2018
Keywords:music manuscripts, digitisation
Disciplines:Musicology and ethnomusicology, Multimedia processing not elsewhere classified