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Adsorbents and adsorption processes for fully and partially fluorinated chemicals

Highly fluorinated and perfluorinated chemicals have opened up fantastic technological perspectives, but at the same time, they pose major challenges in their processing, and constitute a severe risk when leaked into the environment. For environmental reasons it would be very desirable to design new, stable adsorbents that selectively adsorb fluorinated surfactants even in the presence of other organics in an aqueous background. On the other hand, for the workup of fluorinated chemicals in industry, one needs to be able to separate fully and partially fluorinated organics in a resource efficient way. In this thesis, zeolite adsorbents are proposed for both types of problems. Specifically, we need to understand how the physicochemical characteristics of the zeolites will influence their adsorption preference for (partially) fluorinated chemicals. An important part of the work is also devoted to synthesizing the adsorbents beyond the smallest laboratory scale.

Date:12 Nov 2020  →  Today
Keywords:zeolites, fluorated compounds
Disciplines:Industrial chemistry, Physical chemistry of materials, Synthesis of materials
Project type:PhD project