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Adaptive Rehabilitative Gaming Systems for Powered Mobility Training in People with Complex Movement Disorders (ADA Games)

Wheelchair skills training is an important step toward independent mobility and improved quality of life for people with disabilities. Considering the group of young people with complex movement disorders as dyskinetic cerebral palsy (DCP), this process is particularly challenging due to the need for specialized wheelchair control equipment, and requires lengthy and tedious training routines. In this project, we develop a novel game-based approach for powered wheelchair skills training and create adaptive algorithms that can be leveraged to adjust games to individual skill levels of players, that offers a more engaging, scalable, and affordable solution for wheelchair skills training in young people with DCP. Together with their therapists, carers and further experts in the field, we will validate the novel training protocols designed to provide powered wheelchair skills, offering a challenging yet rewarding training experience that contributes to long-term patient engagement, improved mobility, and quality of life.
Date:1 Oct 2020  →  Today
Keywords:rehabilitative gaming, adaptive difficulty, wheelchair training, complex movement disorders, dyskinetic cerebral palsy
Disciplines:Other paramedical sciences not elsewhere classified, Mobile technologies, Human-computer interaction