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Acoustic modulation and localization of nanodroplet vaporization for in vivo proton range verification and dosimetry

The ability of proton therapy to better conform the dose to the tumor is hindered by range uncertainties, forcing clinicians to adopt substantial safety margins. Therefore, in vivo range verification methods are sought. Recently, we showed that injectable nanodroplets can vaporize into microbubbles when exposed to proton radiation. The ultrasound contrast could be related to the proton range with sub-millimeter reproducibility, opening the door for ultrasound-based proton range verification. Here, we address two challenges related to (1) the indirect radiation response at 37°C and (2) the acoustic detection and localization of radiation-induced vaporization in flow conditions. We will implement acoustic modulation to allow direct vaporization by protons at 37°C, develop online ultrasound imaging detection and localization methods, and assess the performance for online range verification with clinical settings and nearly physiological conditions.
Date:1 Mar 2022 →  31 Oct 2022
Keywords:Proton therapy, Ultrasound imaging, Nanodroplets, Dosimetry
Disciplines:Diagnostic radiology, Radiation therapy, Acoustics and acoustical devices, waves, Nanophysics and nanosystems, Medical biotechnology diagnostics