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Accessoriness in property law.

The principle of accessoriness has a wide range of application. Both inProperty Law (e.g. accessory building rights, immovables by destination), Contract Law (e.g. in rem rights, goods to be delivered together withthe sold good) and the Law of Securities (e.g. the dependence of accessory security rights on the secured claim, the debtors defenses against the creditor that are also available to the personal guarantor) the principle of accessoriness underlies several key concepts and is often applied to solve current legal problems. In this doctoral thesis the possibilities and limitations of the principle of accessoriness are defined.
Date:1 Oct 2009 →  30 Sep 2013
Keywords:Accessoriness in property law, General theory applied to hard cases, Applications of accessoriness, Functions of accessoriness, General characteristics of accessories, Comparative law approach, Inductive method
Project type:PhD project