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Medical Entomology

Research Unit

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1990  →  Today
Organisation profile:

The unit  conducts research in the biology, behavior, ecology, genetics of insects transmitting diseases to humans, the transmission dynamics of these diseases and vector control.

Partners: CNM-Cambodia, Institut Pasteur du Cambodge, WHO, USAID


Main research topics

  • Taxonomy of mosquitoes
  • Functional biodiversity of vectors (including invasive species)
  • Vector population dynamics
  • Transmission dynamics
  • Eco-epidemiology of malaria
  • Vector control and intervention trials


 Main activities

  • Field studies; molecular biology; data analysis
  • Coaching PhD & Master students
  • Lectures (ITM, University Antwerp, Institut Pasteur Paris)
  • Dissemination (publications, conferences)
  • Technical expertise in different commissions (WHO, Roll Back Malaria,etc)